Why Are We Having Brunch?

After I finished writing my latest book, I was trying to figure out what to do next. You live pretty intensely with these characters and themes – and then you wake up one day and they are off on their own. I am really happy with the way Best Intentions turned out, but as those of you in book making know, there’s a whole lot of time between delivering the manuscript and the publish date.  I was struggling with something that would keep me involved and honestly, I still felt there were issues to explore. I also wanted to introduce people to the characters, these wonderful, complicated lives that reflect so much of what we’re all going through now. So, then it hit me, how about a blog! And not just any old author blog, (though there will be some shameless self-promotion I guarantee).

In Best Intentions, Lisa and Deirdre have been best friends since college when they spent hours analyzing everything from men (inexplicable) to beauty routines (indispensable).  Now they are both 39, living in Manhattan and though their lives are very different, they still have  breakfast together once a week where they talk about monogamy and love, jobs and anxiety, diets and dreams, kids and, well, everything.

For the record,  I’m a little bit of both (is that like being a little bit pregnant???)  I’m actually a single working mom with a 15- year-old daughter.  Best of both worlds-on good days. On bad days, not so much. (I mean, dating at this point in life?!)  Anyway, like in Best Intentions, those topics are what my friends and I talk about – nothing like stealing from life! Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t.  But always, always have fun.

So here’s what I would like: join Dierdre, Lisa, and me in our brunch babble. Weigh in, sound off – the topics will keep changing but the company will always be good. And feel free to read up a little more about me on this page or find me on Facebook.




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