Are Women Better at Handling A Crisis?

Is the economic meltdown pulling couples closer together, or pushing them apart?

Every time I see the news, there’s another bit on how the crisis is affecting relationships. People dating more because they are looking for comfort. People dating less ’cause it’s expensive. Married couples arguing, hiding spending. And then we find out that more men are being laid off than women.

I do think men tie their sense of self-worth to their careers more closely than women do. And of course, men tend not to talk about it if they’re feeling anxious. (Share feelings? No thanks.) Women care about their jobs, too,  they just tend to have a different, get-on-with-it perspective.  (Feel free to disagree with me.)

These differences  can lead to major problems in tough times–sex can go awol, the blame game can take over, you name it. If the downturn keeps going, will women and men be able to connect?  Or will we become a nation of separate bedrooms?

So I am interested, are these stressful times affecting your relationship? How are you coping? Tips? Just bitching is okay, too…


2 responses to “Are Women Better at Handling A Crisis?

  1. We are not in crisis yet, so not sure. So far my husband and I are both nervous. We have friends who have been laid off, lost money in stock market, have taken pay reductions but we are currently both working. Granted Sal has worked the past eight weekends trying to develop new software that would benefit his company and thus help him keep his job. That takes a toll. And I have just learned that one of my spring garden installations is on hold because the developer of the building has gone bankrupt and I feel fairly certain another project will go the same way. So we are trying to make sure we get out of the house and do something together as much as possible and try not to over react.

  2. laurenbrooklyn

    Yeah, my boyfriend and I are both putting in extra long hours at work, trying to make sure when the axe falls, our heads aren’t on the chopping block but that definitely equates less time together, which then adds a new type of stress.

    Also, I tend to worry about things more, play the “what-if” game, (how will I pay rent, where can I cut back spending) whereas he is more “if it happens, it happens, and I will deal with it.” I admire his laid-back attitude, and though usually it calms me down, its also driving me nuts sometimes! Like, am I crazy to be worried or is he crazy not to be?!

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