Recession, Shmecession-How Do I Look???


I live in NYC where beauty can be a full-time sport  (or occupational hazard.)  But with things getting tight, everyone I know is making little adjustments, including beauty maintenance.

Lots of women I know are stretching out trips to the colorist. (A new trend in roots?)  I’m blowing out my own hair. (Look for more curly tops on the streets any day.) Manicures? It’s a case by case basis.  The derm, though-not giving him up on your life!  Of course, what’s necessary to one woman is expendable to the next.

What beauty trade-offs are you making?  Is it affecting your looks, your mood, your head?  What do you absolutely refuse to part with?


3 responses to “Recession, Shmecession-How Do I Look???

  1. laurenbrooklyn

    So so true. For me, biweekly manis and pedis are pretty much out, and even waxing trips are getting stretched further and further. Still its winter though so its not such a big deal. I am worried about summer, when sandals and bikinis make that a little harder to do without! What will I cut then?

  2. My hairdresser must hate me. She remarked the last time that she has to use more coloring because I have so many more greys. Yes, I probably do have more grey hair, thank you, but I’m also not going in as often.

  3. Elaine Stewart

    I live at the beach which is so much the opposite of NYC regarding fashion and make up. Casual is the word around the ocean and sun screen is the make up staple. This is the norm in a good or bad economy. However, the waxing, pedicures and manicures might have to go the self service route with the economy going south.

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