Does “I’m sorry” matter?

Photo: Spud Murphy on Flickr

Photo: Spud Murphy on Flickr

There are certain things that all of us find unforgivable – Bernie Madoff, for one.

He lied, cheated, and destroyed lives. Plus, he shows no remorse. But. There are gray areas. What about all the politicians’ wives we’ve seen standing by their husbands as they confess to sleeping with – well, fill in the blank, they’ve done it.

I’m torn.  I think we all have different thresholds. There are things I couldn’t live with that you may be able to and vice versa. For instance, What if someone lied to you about money? I’m curious, what’s the one thing you find totally unforgivable?

PS My daughter recently wrote “I’m sorry” on 500 post-its and covered the walls with them.  Long story. It was a toughie – I wanted her to know there were consequences, but I mean 500 post-its?  I forgave. Kinda.

Would you forgive, even if you couldn’t forget? Does ‘I’m sorry’ matter?


2 responses to “Does “I’m sorry” matter?

  1. This is a toughie but I’d likely forgive IF it was only a one-time “mistake/betrayal.” Of course the trust would have to be earned all over again.

    Btw, I think your daughter is truly sorry. 😉

  2. Judy Glantzman

    My greatest moment in my husband and my courtship was when, in an argument, he said, wait a minute, this is my S___T cause I have been here with others. That “I’m sorry” mattered a lot. Most times, it takes a lot of mistakes and I’m sorry’s to see any change.. It counts, sort of! J

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