What are you scared of???

I am terrified to the point of phobia when it comes to driving. I have some handy excuses: I was in a bad car accident at 17 and I lived (still do)  in Manhattan where you don’t really need to drive, I didn’t get my license till I was 30 – and that was driving 2mph around Washington Square Park, I was married for 10 years, my husband did the driving. You get the point. BUT….I am now a single mom and I’m still so terrified of driving that I plan my  life, vacations, work around avoiding it.  The last time I ignored that rule, I drove into a rock just trying to get out of a hotel in East Hampton. Not exactly a confidence booster. Me, my hair, and the little red convertibleIt’s crazy, it’s limiting – I just don’t know if I can conquer it. What are you terrified of? What’s the deal – should we try to get over our fears or just accept them? Check out my story in this month’s Redbook. And yes, that’s me years ago behind the wheel. It was my husband’s little red Fiat. The photo was a total set-up – I clearly never actually drove it!


5 responses to “What are you scared of???

  1. Finally! It seems to be a “flaw” if you don’t like to drive. I live in CA, where it’s considered a sin. If I could afford a chauffeur, I’d get one. My mother learned to drive just enough to get to the bank once a month. I take the train to get to booksignings. I’m going to have my character Christy Bristol total her car in A SNITCH IN TIME and let her go through the psychological trauma we experience every time we get behind the wheel. Kudos for ‘fessing up!

  2. In Mississippi, where I grew up and live, teens could get their licenses at the age of 15! And a learner’s permit at age FOURTEEN. Children!

    I was almost 16 before I got my license, which none of my friends could figure out. It didn’t matter all that much to me – they all knew how to drive so Icould just ride with them, right?

  3. I was really shocked with that story i thought i was the only person in the world with a fear of driving, I can drive however everytime i go take the test a panic strikes me, i have been renewing permits ,hired drivin g instructors it has been useless.Thank you for allowing me to see that others have that same fear i hope one day i will appreciate my life and to let go of the guilt of letting fear control my life.

  4. blackgirlinmaine

    As a 36 yo woman who moved from Chicago to Maine of all places with a driving phobia, your article spoke to me. I never learned to drive at 16/17 since living in the heart of Chicago, cars were often optional. Problem is 7 years ago I moved to Maine which is a rural state and while my hubby is happy to do the driving in most case and I am fortunate that I can walk to work…the reality is my 17 yo drives more often than me at this point.

    I am at a real crossroads, I have overcome so much in life, went from being a HS dropout to getting my masters degree yet driving is the one thing I cannot seem to do.

    I am barely a decent passenger much less a driver…at times this is the loneliest existence hence how I found you. In America its assumed everyone over a certain age can drive and when you can’t it reeks havoc on your self-esteem.

  5. I’m so sick of apologizing, or even explaining, my driving phobias. Don’t people WANT someone like me off the road? I had an 84 yr old woman offer to teach me freeway driving. Hey, I’m 58, I think by now I’ve accepted my “disability.” I take the train a lot, stick close to home the rest of the time. I’d love to get a golf cart to tootle around my very small town.

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