Could you be fooled by a murderer?

Have you been following the case of the Craig’s List Killer, Philip Markoff? I know, innocent until proven guilty – but let’s just say there is A LOT of evidence.  Evidence that to anyone but, say, Markoff’s girlfriend seems indisputable.  In fact, according to a story in New York Magazine, she has described him as a ‘beautiful person inside and out.”  It’s easy to feel superior, to think that you would have seen Markoff for the nut job he is.  But are you so sure?  In photos he appears like a relatively nice-looking prepster not a crazed sociopath.  His girlfriend obviously saw a totally different side of him.

 The question of how well you can ever really know another person is at the core of Best Intentions.  Lisa, the narrator, begins to suspect her husband of murder.  Suddenly she wonders if she really knows him at all. Think about it.  Do you know exactly, without a doubt, what the people surrounding you are capable of?  What if you are wrong?


3 responses to “Could you be fooled by a murderer?

  1. Hi Emily. I have just been informed I am going to get your new book to review. I look forward to it and in preparation I will be reading a couple of your other ones.

  2. i can’t help but follow this story–the fiance lives a few towns over from me and my local paper has been running a blow-by-blow of what’s happening at the house (“two women drove up to the house and exited with bags of groceries…”) i can’t imagine what the poor woman is going through…especially with all the media scrutiny.

    as for worrying about my own husband? the only thing i fret about is that he likes to read true-crime books. when i’m being annoying (read: nagging, etc), he seems to be sizing me up, wondering if anyone would notice if i went missing.

    as for best intentions…i’m so excited to read your novel. i’ll be reviewing it on my blog on may 20th!

  3. Can “love” be that blinding? Perhaps that scares me most of all.

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