Introducing…the Weekly Roundup!

celebrateSo since things are picking up steam and I am so excited about all the positive feedback I am getting for Best Intentions, I have decided that weekly (along with my regular posts) I will let you know all the awesome things happening around the book.

Most most most important, the book goes on sale TOMORROW! (MAY 5th!) Needless to say I am excited. Also, it’s Cinco de Mayo, which I might need a margarita to celebrate.

Second up, I am a video star! Just kidding but no really. I went up to my publisher’s office to shoot this video about Best Intentions.  Love talking about the book.  Don’t love that I look like a stuffy insurance broker (not sure what part of ‘smile’ I didn’t get) but I hope you enjoy it. Hysterically,  I just realized I’m followed by Tori Spelling on that video – because Donna Martin and I have so much in common!

And last but most definitely not least, I want to share some of the great coverage that’s been coming in from the blogosphere.


“Best Intentions is intriguingly insightful, the novel provides a clear depiction of how things can go so wrong, so quickly in our modern society. Readers will be entertained and many will nod their heads in recognition of someone they may know just like the Barkley’s, while hopefully reflecting on their own trust(s) as well.” The Diving Wands

More BI Coverage, as Featured Book Picks!


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