What do you think of Elizabeth Edwards?

elizedwardsI missed Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah the other day. If anyone saw it, fill the rest of us in. But I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the whole (very) sorry affair. What John Edwards did takes skank to a whole new level, there is no question about that. And whether his wife should forgive him or not is a deeply private matter. Anyone who has been married knows how complicated it can be.

In Best Intentions, Lisa has always been judgmental of women who stay after discovering infidelity. But when she suspects her husband is guilty, she is not sure what to do. She has young children, a history with this person. Perhaps you can forgive a mistake and move on. Some women can – she is just not sure she is one of them.

Here’s where I think it gets a lot murkier where Elizabeth Edwards is concerned: Her husband was running for President of the United States. (I frankly don’t care about the sex lives of our leaders, that’s not my point.) I do think, though, that she was part of a lie that they both knew had every likelihood of blowing up. So is she a victim, an enabler, or a woman just trying to keep from sinking in a desperate situation?

I’m fascinated by the question of the public’s right to know versus the right to privacy – but more on that later. Right now, tell me, what would you have done in Elizabeth Edwards’ situation?


5 responses to “What do you think of Elizabeth Edwards?

  1. She was an enabler…and now? What is she trying to prove and do we even care?!

  2. It is a mess. I tried to watch the Oprah episode and just shut it off. I lived through infidelity… and wrestled with the question of should I stay or should I go. It is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  3. I too have dealt with an issue like this… it tears apart not only the relationship, but you begin to doubt yourself on so many levels. And yet, there are children, history, still a level of love…. its painful and never cut and dried.

    As for Elizabeth, I think the woman is still in denial. If that child is John’s, it is going to affect her life. I think the saying she doth protesth too much comes to mind.

    Its sadly messy.

  4. I listened to the Edwards interview while in my kitchen. I found her tense use intriguing.

  5. I would leave him..as I did mine the moment I found out about it..no regrets..

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