Dating Dilemma: Sparks or Steadiness?

Dating doesn’t get any less confusing whether you are 17 or 70. On the new webiste, I’m doing a weekly blog about relationships (God help me.) In my first one, I’m wondering about the dilemma between choosing a safe, steady relationship without any sparks, or holding out for one that makes your fibers tingle. Here’s the first part of In Search of the MIssing Tingle, but click through to read the whole piece – (and while you’re there check out some of the other great stories

In Search of the Missing Tingle
by Emily Listfield Guest Writer {View Profile}

My friend G. is in her late forties, beautiful in a tall, terrifically elegant born-to-it kind of way. (Think long legs, long blond hair.) We have both been single for a number of years after lengthy marriages (she’s divorced, I’m widowed) and have completely different dating styles. G. has not been on a date in years. At various times she has told me she’s:

A) glad that part of her life is over because it only got her in trouble in the past.

B) concentrating on raising her daughter.

C) doesn’t even miss it anymore.

D) It’s just so hopeless, why bother?

I, on the other hand, go on a lot of dates (many of them blinder than blind). The result, though, is the same– neither of us has been in a serious relationship in a few years. So when G. called up the other day to tell me she had a date that night with someone she had met through her job I was thrilled for her. “I hate this,” she protested. “I feel like throwing up. What if it’s a disaster?” “No matter what happens, it’s a good thing,” I replied. “It means the nerve isn’t dead.”


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