Who has your number?

Your weight.  Your finances.  Your Age.  And then, of course, there’s sex.                    Is there any single person you tell the truth to about all of those things?

I don’t.  I had an aunt who used to make a very public guess about my weight every single time I saw her…with, let me add, startling accuracy.  (Perverse, yes, but welcome to my family.)   My mother, on the other hand, (who is equally weight-obsessed but doesn’t ask numbers) finds it incomprehensible (and mildly annoying) that I consider my income and general financial situation private.  She does, of course, know my age.  But am I honest about my age with everyone? Naw, I consider that on a need-to-know basis.    I was married for ten years.  My husband knew my (our) money deal, my age, sex stuff (duh) – but in all that time he never new my weight.  My point here?  (And no, it’s not that I’m a pathological liar.)  Most of us keep some information private.  What we choose not to share says a lot about ourselves, our self-image, our relationships.   I do wonder sometimes what would happen if we were totally honest about each of those things with everyone. (Okay, yes, I’m talking about myself here. Maybe some of you are already at that point.)  Would it be liberating?  Or would is it still no one’s business?  Does it matter?    Do you share all your numbers?  If not, why not?


2 responses to “Who has your number?

  1. I am with you…need to know basis. I dont’ tell anyone how much I weigh. Most of my friends DO know my age because the big 4-0 is approaching. But, they don’t know how much I make or what my financial situation is. IF I ever get married again, I would share some of that. But not my weight. 🙂

  2. Aside from the money issue, which is privately sacred, why do others care to know, let alone ask? I’ll tell my age and weight to the curious and then laugh at stunned expressions.

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