Working It Out…Sorta

ExplorePAHistory-a0l0o1-a_349My friend R. and I have made a pact to get (back in) shape this summer.  It’s not that we’re total slogs but we both have, for various reasons, experienced, well, a bit of slippage.  We’re not talking about getting Kate Moss skinny (not in the realm of possibility) but just back to where we were – both in terms of fitness levels and yeah, weight (okay, it’s only about five pounds but still).  Here’s the thing: we both used to work out – a lot.  It’s always helped my head as much as my body.  And I have written and edited my fair share of stories on the topic.  BUT  the last year has been kind of minimal so, because we are not ready to give up just yet…

In the past week I have done yoga, a body sculpting class, a step class (haven’t done that in 15 years, was getting serious flashbacks) and a ‘core fusion’ class – tiny little moves that absolutely kill.  I have been told never to use more than 3 pound weights but do lots of reps, I have been told that unless you use 5 – 8 pounds you will never see a change.  I have tried to love Pilates (eh) and I have done everything I can to avoid cardio (I know, I know.) R. and I have vowed to keep food diaries and cut out wine.  (Of course, we discussed this last night after class with, yes, rosé and Sancerre.)  I have bought date books and notebooks and made lists and goals (what can I say, I still believe a new notebook is a fresh start for virtually anything in life.) It’s fun to be doing it together.  It helps to have to report in – and screw off with a pal. And I’m welcoming your in-put.  Here’s R’s question from last night: She weighed herself 3 times in a row and got 3 different weights just by moving the scale an inch.  Which should she believe? (I vote for the lowest.)

PS I have exercise ADD so will try lots of new classes/theories/workouts this summer.  What are you loving at the moment?


8 responses to “Working It Out…Sorta

  1. I never go to classes but have an extensive DVD library and mix it up every day – The Firm, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Jari Love Ripped Work-outs…fortunately for me I’m an early riser and won’t work out unless I get it over with early, so my routine is to get up, have coffee and read the paper, check my emails, and then get to it! I use anywhere from 3 to 15 pound weights and occasionally a step. I occasionally do yoga as well. By the way I’m 50 with two teenagers. Hope that’s not too much info!

  2. emilylistfield

    I have a ton of videos – but lack discipline at home – do better at gym. But the classes don’t always meet my schedule. You’ve inspired me. I’m going to do a DVD later today. THANKS.

  3. Ah, this certainly rings a bell with me!

    I joined Weight Watchers online a little over a month ago; the tracking is pretty easy without any tsk-tsks and it’s really made me aware of what I eat…or am tempted to eat. I’ve also restarted an exercise program at home because I wasn’t doing squat before, for over a year — and certainly not any squats!

    I try to do anything – ANYTHING – at night rather than blowing it off completely and I give myself credit for it. I have a few DVDs like Nicole mentioned, a treadmill (slowly jogging now), and I do some free weight stuff on the nights I don’t walk or jog. I try to get out and take a walk when the weather’s nice, even if it’s at a slower pace with my kids than I’d do alone. I’ve even resorted to taking a few flights of stairs in my office building rather than taking the elevator all the way up.

    Desperate to get fit, I say!

    You might like the moves at Women’s Health. They’re kind of fun/different and easy to mix up. You can customize your workout here:

    Good luck!

  4. I think I am going to throw the scale out the door and just try and be healthy and fit and monitor my weight with how my clothes fit. I obsess too much with the dang scale. And then I get frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge but I feel different when I work out–knowing I am making progress. Numbers suck.

  5. I would never suggest you read my blog except. You made me laugh and I think my experience will make you laugh. A year ago I decided to lose that final 10 and did. I wrote about it (sort of tongue in cheek) afterwards. You sound so much like me that I know you will laugh. Good luck and remember if it isn’t fun don’t do it. I think you have the right attitude about changing things up.

  6. I’ve experienced the same scale schitzophrenia many times and found that no matter how much you want the lowest number to be true, eventually you have to come to terms with 2 things: 1) if you keep steeping on the scale, at some point, it will begin to repeat one number (which is usually in the middle) and 2) if you weigh in consistently, you’ll begin to know inherently which number is true and if you try to force yourself to believe in the lowest number it will nag at you. Mixing guilt and scales always ends in tears.

  7. I am 60 and I have done Jazzercise for about eight years now. Each class has the same format but different songs and movements are used for each class so you don’t get bored. I retired a year ago and I have been going to class five times a week. Other things just wouldn’t keep me this interested. I enjoy that you do a warm up, aerobics, routines that target legs, abs, and usually involve the arms, too. The hour ends with a cool down/stretch. Hope you find something that you enjoy.

  8. Try to find a sport you love and do it often–tennis is mine. On days when you can’t do the sport, just suck it up and do a basic workout at the gym–some cardio, weights as heavy as you can use and still have the proper form, pushups and pullups, etc. Try to vary the gym workouts to avoid getting bored. Good luck.

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