2 moms, 2 teens, 1 car, 6 colleges, 7 nights: Road Trip Pre–Planning Session:

Finally booked 6 hotels for the upcoming week-long college road tour.  Spent untold hours trying to balance proximity to campuses, room availability and sliding scale between skeeve and luxe.  I was expecting to feel the love, but only topic of interest to all other concerned parties: Not Ivy vs Non-Ivy, Small vs Large but…road food.  My daughter looked at the itinerary and asked one question: “Can we stop at Costco on the way out of town?”  This from a city girl who has never been to a Costco in her life.  When I asked why she replied that she and her co-teen-traveler, A., want to stock up on king-size bags of junk food for the trip. I pointed out that: 1. We are not exactly going into the desert. I’m sure they have junk food in Providence, Hanover etc.  And 2. King-size bags of junk food?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Then called other mother to go over itinerary and her first response: “I know the best place to get fried chicken in Saratoga Springs!”   Needless to say, no one seemed at all impressed – or even interested – that I had managed to book at least 3 hotels with gyms and indoor pools.  And my advice to bring sneakers? Eye-rolling all around. Do they sell wine at Costco??


3 responses to “2 moms, 2 teens, 1 car, 6 colleges, 7 nights: Road Trip Pre–Planning Session:

  1. I will pray for you!! Would this be Hanover in Indiana???

  2. Have a great trip! And yes, you can get the best fried chicken in Saratoga at Hatties. Check their website, I think they are closed Mondays in the off season.

  3. emilylistfield

    It’s Hanover, NH — and I will definitely check out Hatties, thanks all! e

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