Road Trip Day One

Day One
How to take 7 hours to make a 4 hours trip:
After fighting for 45 minutes with the people at Hertz- who seem to have a different definition of ‘reserved” and ‘confirmed’ than we do- we finally settled for a car we hadn’t wanted and left in a righteous huff – only to be called 45 minutes later to say we had left a suitcase and hard to turn around. Two hours later – finally making some progress – we pull off for coffee and see signs for an Estate Sale. Tempting. We drive in circles (and more circles) and finally give up. (Greek teen chorus in the back: Why do you want to buy things from dead people?) But we have been bitten by the shopping bug. How lucky that an hour later we see a big outlet center. The shopping gods are with us! All four of us score big time: Sunglasses, bags, tops. A mere two hour delay. (We won’t mention the cost of all that bargain shopping.) We call the hotel: You know our 3pm check in? Not so much. Finally, at 8:30pm, after dinner, wine and a huge sigh of relief we check in.


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