The $200 Sweet Potato – or – Things You Should NOT Do at 6am

In the interest of health and saving money, I had the brilliant idea of microwaving a sweet potato to put in an organic salad to take to work for lunch.  The first mistake: I had not yet had coffee.  The second mistake: I suffered from the delusional conviction that I could multi-task before 7am.  So… sweet potato goes in microwave and I go back to my computer at the other end of apartment to answer emails, work on questions for interview later today and, fingers poised, try to get a bike for tomorrow’s spinning class during the 20 seconds they are available.  I totally forgot the sweet potato UNTIL – the smell of smoke reached me in the back.  As I raced to the kitchen my apartment was so filled with smoke that I seriously thought of crawling on the floor.  (Hello, smoke detector??? Not a peep??? Not a whimper???)  I must have pressed 60 minutes instead of 6 because the sweet potato was about to explode into flames, the microwave was broken, and my entire apartment now smells like smoke.  Let’s just say, I will be buying lunch today.  Fix and forget it?  I think not.


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