Teens, Parents, and the Facebook Conundrum

Thinking about Bill Keller’s piece in today’s NY Times: It’s true that teens may be easing off of FB because their parents are on it (spying on them, among other things.) But it may be equally true that parents are easing off it because it’s tough to complain about your kids when they can read every word of it. Transparency and parenting have never been a natural fit on either end. Just wait until Zuckerberg has kids.

Would love to hear from other parents: Do you spy on your kids on FB?  Do you censor what you write?



One response to “Teens, Parents, and the Facebook Conundrum

  1. So true, transparent parenting hasn’t been the default… though it absolutely should be. I’m a counselor at a high school and over the years, I’ve found transparency to be one of the most influential strategies at building connections and stirring improved decision making.

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