The Jyst of It: Women, dating and apps

Jyst cover photo (1)

Recently, my co-founder of Jyst, Nadina Guglielmetti, and I went to a panel discussion on funding start-ups at WeWork.

In a room of well over 75 people, we were among the very, very few women – and we were certainly the only people over 30. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against smart young guys making apps. But the best apps are grounded in behavior and often in personal experience. And while men and women have many things in common, our interactions are often different.

Women ask women for honest romantic advice – and we love giving advice.  Example: Last summer, I was dating a guy who sent me the most confusing emails. I constantly sent them to Nadina (who is married) for interpretation. At the same time, my college-age daughter had friends sending her a gazillion texts asking, “What did he mean? What should I do?” No matter what age, it’s complicated.

That’s how Jyst came about.  It’s not about snark, it’s not about competition, it’s not about put-downs. It’s rooted in the deeply female behavior of sharing, asking for advice, sometimes admitting confusion and supporting each other.

Could a man have come up with Jyst? We doubt it. Do we hope men check it out? Absolutely.
In the meantime, I  strongly believe that more women – of every age – should start creating apps that speak directly to their own experiences and take a larger place in the tech world.

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