About Emily


Hi, I am Emily Listfield, writer, editor, single mom — your basic pulled-in-a-million directions New Yorker.  I just happen to be lucky –  I love each of those roles.  Right now, what I’m most excited about is my newest novel,  Best Intentions, coming out in May!

So, the brunch thing: Through marriage, dating, career ups and downs, kids, the one constant in my life has been my female friends.   I can’t imagine not having them to laugh with, turn to, or – go out to brunch with (okay, sometimes it’s drinks)  to analyze everything from dates to diets to parenthood, and yes, sex (who are we kidding?)  One of the most fun parts of writing Best Intentions was the  relationship between the narrator, Lisa, and her best friend since college, Deirdre.  Though their lives are different – Lisa has two children, Deirdre is dating a hot but unreliable guy and flirting with her old college love –  they meet for brunch each week to talk about everything from monogamy (possible? ), fat jeans, looking up old boyfriends, dreams and, these days, financial anxiety.

Here’s the thing: All of our lives are crazy busy – but those brunch conversations we have with our friends  are just too important to give up.  That’s what I hope we can all do here – talk, laugh, disagree about the big and small stuff, have fun, having something to say…you get the picture.  Join me??? I hope so.

Okay, a little bit more background info:  I’ve published six other novels, including Waiting to Surface, Acts of Love, The Last Good Night, and the New York Times Notable Book It Was Gonna Be Like Paris—it’s just as exciting (and nerve-racking) every time.

I’ve worked at magazines for years,too—I was the editor in chief of Fitness (The Devil Wears Pumas!), have written for every magazine known to humankind, and now I’m a consulting editor for Parade.  I’m writing a bunch of stories for More magazine, too.  In my spare time, I’m trying to convince my daughter that keeping her text messages to under 2 million a month is, in fact, possible.

Find out more about Best Intentions, my other books, or me at my website, emilylistfield.com. Oh, and please visit me on Facebook!

2 responses to “About Emily

  1. I’ve added your new blog to my blogroll and subscribed to the RSS feed. Looking forward to your posts–and new book in May!

  2. Much success to you with the release of your new book in May.

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